Here goes nothing…

So here I am finding my self blogging, I mean shit, I am actually blogging, after all the years of toying with the idea and finally taking the plunge, or perhaps I should re-phrase that to taking flight – who am I kidding, this is my site, something I actually own, therefore I am going with – setting sail, a common phrase you’re likely to read in my blog should you choose to follow me in my bubble of hopes, dreams and in-between.



Firstly, thank you for taking the time to view my shiz (a favorite word, but not in the actual dictionary kind of word, thanks Stephanie).  Time is incredibly precious and perhaps the greatest gift of giving. I appreciate it peeps, thank you! My over enthusiastic appreciation is actually genuine and comes from the fact that I am familiar with how little time we get in today’s society.




Let me introduce myself; My name is Claire (if you didn’t know already), I spent my childhood years listening to Wham, Bananarama and Bros, furthermore I spent my Sunday evenings recording the top 40 on a Dictaphone,  yes I am 40 years young; actually think i’m still 20. I am a wife and have the most incredibly supportive husband (Hey Jamie), I am a proud mum to 3 beautiful girls: My Step-daughter Georgia (18 almost), Hollie (12) and Eden (9) and believe that I am just as legit sic as all of my girls. Wait is it sic or sick?…  Oh and I overuse ellipses’ all of the time!  I also hold down a job that I feel very passionate about.  My point is, time is precious and that is one of the reasons for taking so long to decide whether or not to have a go at blogging, that and confidence of course.  I am sat here now full of excitement and fear of what my friends, colleagues and Instagram followers might think (hey all), and I guess I am about to find out.  Moving forward, I feel that you should definitely know, right from the off that I am in a constant state of euphoria and melancholy, I live in a bubble of hopes and dreams, mainly to travel the globe and never stay in one place for too long.  The trouble is, reality is far from my hopes and dreams.  However I am not one to give up easily.  My hope is that I can blog and share with you all my busy daily life as a mum of teens and tweens, travel, lifestyle and whatever else along the way, probably a few rants as I can already see how this can become a vent. My dream is to travel more, making memories with my family.  I never did get over my travels in Australia when I was actually 20 years old and blame that solely for me having insatiably itchy feet to this day. Who is with me there?


I hope that you will join me in my memory making and look forward to what the future has to hold, whether this will be a fail or success, at this point, I have no clue; unless we try things in life, we will never know.


I must take a further minute to thank my wonderful husband and children for putting up with my ideas, hopes and dreams and Rachael, my noble Instagram friend, my mentor.  You’re all inspiring, thank you.

Keep dreaming folks xx


Here goes nothing…