In between day…

I once received training on positivity and how to turn negative thoughts around, this training focussed greatly on fixed mindsets. Monday was used as the perfect example of a fixed mindset. “Be grateful that you’ve woken to see another day,” the room was told. Do not spend the entirety of Sunday thinking “Eurgh it’s Monday tomorrow, how dull,” the room was told. It was quite a surreal moment when the hall, full to the brim with educational staff, had to sit and listen to Spongebob Square Pants and his Positivity Monday song. The room was divided somewhat with Teachers dancing along, Teaching Assistants looking mortified and Senior Leaders bemused by the whole moment. I must point out that I thoroughly enjoyed the positively infectious training, and it was incredibly insightful. Many a Monday has come and gone since then and yes, before you ask, I have played Spongebobs’ Positivity Monday tune on a handful of occasions. Yesterday however was an in between day so was more – sod off Spongy, go soak up some of your own shiz! I’ve got enough to deal with. Spoiler Alert, first blog rant!

Perfectly positve sponge

Monotonous Monday’s.

It all started yesterday morning when the road was blocked off due to a lorry delivering bricks to a housing building site. Why is it the drivers of these humongous vehicles lose their ability to reverse park during rush hour? In particular the school run! Now, I’m rubbish at driving, I practically got my driving licence free in a box of Weetabix and won’t drive out of my home town, but really – the middle of the road. You can’t park there mate, not now, not ever!

You can’t park there mate!

Tween tantrums.

After an incredibly busy day at work, a long, relaxing soak in the bath was anticipated. “Muuuuuum, I need help making a Native American artifact now, it has to be handed in Thursday.” This was a command, not an ask. Her tone of voice clarified that much. I knew from the moment I picked my daughter up from school that her day perhaps hadn’t gone as planned, either that or she had been taken over by aliens! I mean, who are you and what have you done with my girl?

Welcoming my daughter in the car at school pick up wasn’t like usual, no cheery hello, no smile, no nothing in particular. There was a grunt, death stare and a sharp yank of the seat belt, followed by earplugs firmly being placed in ones ears! I mean, RUDE! I love to chat, that’s why I’ve started up a blog, and she usually loves to chat too. My youngest was totally perplexed when we picked her up from school, she too was greeted by the”aggy” alien sat in the front passenger seat of my car, sucking up all joy – a total mood hoover, a dementor of delights…

Please don’t get me wrong, my eldest is usually a dream and of course, we love her to the moon and back, but yesterday was like being slapped in the face by a size 10 flip-flop! I often feed off people’s emotions.  This is most definitely something I am trying to better about myself and totally understand that its up to me to change that mindset.  It is a work in progress.  Of course, her negative mood, had put me in an equally negative mood…

Hard at work, bless her.

Some time had passed before the two of us were ready to converse, or at least it seemed that way, It was only approximately 30/40 minutes before we were flapping our gums like nothing had just happened.  I remained hopeful throughout the awful silence that this would be the case.  I’ve learned that the best way to deal with tween moods is to give them the time and space they need to channel their emotions.  After all, I’m sure that they themselves do not understand the roller coaster of emotions they experience on a daily, scrap that, hourly basis!

IMG_4136 (1)
Best of friends again. She loves a filter, I’m partial too.

It is now Tuesday evening, it is late and therefore my bed is calling.  Good night peeps.  Keep dreaming dreamers…

Claire x