Red Carpet worthy Bag

Travelling around the globe collecting memories is what we, the Harris family do best. Whether by plane, train, automobile or cruise ship. One thing that travelers everywhere have in common is that we all need some kind of luggage. Even the minimalists out there need something to carry their under-crackers in.

Do you get frustrated with heaving your crammed case and hand luggage around?

If like me, you’re not a fan of heaving your crammed case along with your hand luggage through the likely queues and hoards of tourists, then you might be glad you’ve come across this post.

Meticulous Me

I am incredibly meticulous when choosing who to work with. After all, you, my readers are my priority therefore I don’t want to advertise any old junk.  As an influencer I wish for you guys to have the opportunity to read my reviews and choose for yourself. You shouldn’t have to do the filtering first should you?

My reviews come with a filter, I’m not talking about the Instagram or Snapchat type. The firstinitialsea filter is the type that is 100% my honest opinion and allows you to sit back and relax with cup or glass of which ever drink is your preference and hopefully enjoy the review.

Mia Tui

Mia Tui.  Now where had I heard that name before? The same question played over in my head when they began to follow me on my social media pages. I could immediately see that a vast majority of my cruise and travel associates followed Mia Tui. I hit the follow back button to see what all of the fuss was about. Evidently it took seconds for that “lightbulb moment” Mia-Tui is Celebrity – Jane McDonald’s choice of bag on her channel 5 hit TV show, cruising with Jane McDonald, currently airing on Friday evenings at 9pm. I knew then that these bags must be something special! I wasn’t wrong. I was delighted to say the least when Mia Tui asked me to chose a bag from their numerous collection as a gift.

Mia Tui Background

There is so much to say about the company behind these wonderful bags that I would like to share with you before I go on with my thoughts.

Mia Tui was born in 2010 after the Brands Founder, Charlotte Jamme spent years searching for the perfect bag to suite her busy lifestyle.

Charlotte found bags to be almost empty sacks that had perhaps an inside pocket and phone holder. Charlotte set about designing the perfect bags; big and small but always suitable for every occasion.

Mia Tui was established whilst Charlotte was living in Vietnam. Fast forward 8 years and the Mia Tui products are still produced in her friends factory, which means that the team at Mia Tui know all of their employees.

In addition, her friend Van, who runs the Mia Tui factory in Vietnam, wanted to continue improving.  Not only do they constantly use best practice for manufacturing great products and offering fantastic customer service, Mia Tui also run a training programme giving unskilled employees the opportunity to gain a skill for life. Yes for life! How selfless is that gesture? You can see now why I am honoured to review such a product.

Did you know that Mia Tui is also a vegan brand?

Mia Tui craft their bags using only the highest quality of fabrics and do not use any animal based products throughout their entire range.

A commendable team of people. It’s easy to see why Jane McDonald is happy to showcase the Mia Tui range on TV.

Mia Tui Mini Jen

Ok. So after much deliberation I chose the product that I felt would best suite my current lifestyle. It had to be from the travelling range of bags on offer, naturally.  There is such an array of choice and color.  Finally, I settled on the Mini Jen in Cornflower.

Why the Mini Jen?

I am only 5ft 2in tall, or small depending on your individual perception. Consequently I chose the smaller version of the full sized Jen travel bag and I can say that size wise, the bag is a perfect fit.

The color of my bag is just as good as it looks in the images on Mia Tui’s website. At first, I thought I would use the bag solely for travel purposes; Oopsie, impatient me incoming…

After having a good nosey at my new delivery, the Mini Jen was gingerly put back inside of its cute duster bag, sworn to only come out for special travel purposes. You guessed it, that lasted all of 24 hours before I strolled in to my work place,  a large 3 form entry primary school, bag over shoulder. I received compliments within minutes of entering my workplace from members of staff and even a handful of year 6 children! Believe me, that speaks volumes, these children love their own, age related brands! It’s funny, I noticed a spring in my step that day.

This wasn’t the only time my bag received compliments. I took my Mini Jen on board P&O Cruises Flagship Britannia last weekend for the Celebrity Premiere of Astonishing, the cruise lines’ new show, currently on board Britannia, Azura and Ventura. You can read all about the show here.  My Mia Tui bag is definitely worthy of a celebrity packed event and it didn’t disappoint. Many people, who were fortunate enough to be invited to the closed event, commented on my bag and asked where it was from, including a celebrity’s wife. The bag was even treated to some photos on the red carpet.

My new found love for my bag is founded by many reasons as previously mentioned and not least because it has lots of pockets, specifically designed; a pocket which consists of a clear bag. I currently have medication in this transparent zip bag. When I travel, this will hold medication and toiletries. The transparent bag is within size guidelines for airlines, including budget airlines, as is the whole bag. The other larger pocket features a mini clutch bag with detachable strap. It’s a cute little touch to have matching bags. I currently have my makeup essentials contained inside. At either end of the bag, inside is a further two smaller pockets, one for your mobile phone and the other for whatever you choose, my glasses are currenly contained here. There is also two pen holders and a zip pocket at the back of bag. I will use this for my travel documents etc. For now however, it contains my work lanyard.

My two favourite features of the bag have to be the pocket slide, which allows you to slide your bag over the handles of your suitcase so it steadily sits on board, leaving you free of frustration, usually caused by bags falling off of your shoulders.  The keyring chain, an elastic chain with a hook at the end. I don’t know about you but I’m always loosing my keys. Not anymore or ever again!

My overall opinion on the Mia Tui Mini Jen is that I would  really like one in every color! The bag is now a necessity for me in my every day, busy life and especially for my future travels. I couldn’t be without it. I no longer waist minutes of my life, that I will never get back, fishing around the bottom of a bag trying to feel for my hand sanitizer or packet of pocket tissues.  The bag is so well organised I can clearly see all of the contents upon the opening of the zip. It’s the kind of organisation a Quality Inspector would be proud of.

Mia Tui Mini Jen provides a high quality, vegan and stylish yet practical bag. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a stylish bag, has a busy lifestyle and loves to travel. Calling all Mums! I wish I had this as a changing bag 12 years ago. It would’ve been perfect!

If you like the sound and look of the Mini Jen, head over to Mia Tui now. Mia Tui and I would like to offer my readers a 15% discount. Please use the code FIS15 when ordering.

I would like to point out that I do not earn commission from offering you this code or from any sales. It is quite simply a genuine thank you from Mia Tui and myself for your support.

I’d like to personally thank the team at Mia Tui for gifting me such a wonderful necessity.

If you have a Mia Tui bag, I would love to know what you think, or if you would like one tell me why in the comments box.

If you would like to offer your friends and family my unique discount code, please share this write up via your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Forever grateful

Claire. x

2 thoughts on “Red Carpet worthy Bag

  1. I love my Mini Jen… but am a fan of my Matilda Mae too. Didn’t think I would get on with a smaller bag like that but I did, so keeping Jen for those days when I need the extra space. I also have a folding Sue shopper in a side pocket for shopping… love the fact it has three compartments too. Such smart bags, all of them! I bought my mum the backpack and she really enjoys it.. large enough to carry items and the bright interior lining makes it easier for her to see where items are. Every little helps, esp as she’s 70! I’m now thinking of buying the Elise… just can’t stop!

    1. The whole range is so well thought of. I love that you have all of these bags, I think I might end up following suit with the backpack and the Elsie. Utterly brilliant bags.

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