Dreams Really Do Come True – World Of Cruising Wave Awards 2019.

Firstinitialsea is up for nomination


Recently I have been asked by family, friends, fellow bloggers and a PR agency the familiar question of “Where do you see yourself in two years time?” My response is always the same as I try to have a clear vision of my heading.  One of those headings was the dream and possibility of winning an award for my writing, this dream became a reality last week!


Sitting in the the staff room as I usually do Monday to Friday at 12:10, I checked my phone, another usual practice for me, especially since I started up my own blogging website some 15/16 weeks back, no time at all really.  To my surprise, my dream became a reality.  Jumping up from the sofa, screeching loudly, sending shock waves throughout the entire Victorian school building, the realization hit. Staring at my phone screen, I read the same page over and over again.  Nominations for favorite cruise blogger 2019, there was my name – Claire Harris, Firstinitialsea  there in black and white, as clear as crystal, yet I still checked and checked again.  To this day, I continue to keep checking World of Cruising’s website to make sure I am still on that list among the other fantastic cruise bloggers.  Of course, my dream would not have been achievable if it wasn’t for you, my wonderful supporters. I cannot thank you enough.  My promise to you: I will always try my absolute best to deliver insightful and interesting content.



You may have read in my bio, welcome or about me page that I am a dreamer.  I always have been, I’m positive I always will be.  This post is living proof that dreams really do come true, especially if you work hard to achieve them.  As well as believing in dreams, I have faith in in the concept of hope.  My honest hope is that I make it to the shortlist in September.  Although just to be a nominee is a huge deal to me and for that I am grateful.  As with all of the other wonderful nominees in the category, I do have Instagram and Twitter, however I do not have Facebook or Youtube.  Therefore, I ask for your help.  If you genuinely enjoy my blog posts, I ask that you please vote for me.

This is where your dreams could also become a reality.  Every voter is automatically placed in to a draw to win a dream holiday for 2, courtesy of World of Cruising Wave Awards.  The voting only takes a minute of your time.

If you are not familiar with the cruising industry, you can skip the other categories and head straight to Favorite Cruise Blogger 2019, you must also enter your name and email address and that is it!

If you are familiar with the cruising industry, you can vote for all of the other categories in addition to voting for Favorite Cruise Blogger 2019.

I sincerely thank you in advance for reading my blog, in addition, thank you for your vote.  It means the absolute world to me  – Thank you!

World of Cruising Wave Awards Vote

As always…

Forever grateful – Claire xx


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2 thoughts on “Dreams Really Do Come True – World Of Cruising Wave Awards 2019.

  1. This is a lovely blog post Claire, wishing you lots of luck in the awards X x x


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