Interview with A Rising Star

Recently I have been making a conscious effort to listen to varied genres of music, instead of listening to the stuff I know that I enjoy, over and over again. What’s that saying? Variety is the spice of life, that’s the one. Perusing through Spotify I came across a new artist, who has in fact been recording songs for Youtube and Soundcloud platforms for some time. I hit the play button and felt instantly calmed by the soothing, angelic and unique voice that sent me into a terrific trance. After falling back into my old habit and listening to the single over and over, I was taken back to the time when I used to listen to Jessie J on Youtube, way before she hit the big time. I instantly knew there was a reason for me thinking and comparing the two. Hard work pays off, it did for Jessie J and I’ve no doubt it will for this artist.

I am ecstatic that I have had the opportunity to interview, and am honored to introduce South Coasts’ singer and songwriter – Eden Farrow…

Claire: Hi Eden, It’s great to finally meet you. After hearing your latest track: Day to Day I thought I’d touch base. Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with me. Myself and my readers are keen to know more about you and the history that has created the tremendous talent you’ve become today. Can you tell me what age you started singing professionally?

Eden: Hello. So happy to be able to chat to you about my career so far, I really appreciate your interest in my music. I started actual vocal lessons when I was 14 years old, however it wasn’t until my recent move to Brighton that I began taking this career path as a serious route. I moved around September last year because I began studying a degree in songwriting at BIMM. It was really this which made me take everything up a notch and really go for this career in music.

Claire: I have to say it’s hard not to be interested in your music Eden, you have a the voice of angel. Your single Day to Day sends me into a trance, a peaceful state of mind. Do you have other singles out on Spotify or YouTube? Are they of a similar genre?

Eden: Thank you so much! Day to Day is currently my only single on Spotify (as well as all other streaming services). I do however have a YouTube and Soundcloud account where you can find other bits and pieces of my work. I would say that yes the current music I have online is all of a similar laid back, singer songwriter genre. However, I have recently been writing a lot of new songs which have let me step out of this norm and into a more electronic poppy vibe. This is really the genre of music I’ve been listening to at the moment, which has inspired me within my own song writing. It’s all very exciting and good fun.

Claire: It’s great that you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone and targeted the electronic pop vibe, more importantly it is fantastic to hear that you have found recording this genre of song fun. In my opinion when you enjoy your job it often shows in the end product. I for one, cannot wait to hear your new work. When can we expect to hear this? Taking it back a little, you mentioned earlier in the interview that you’re studying for a degree in songwriting. How long will this take you and what is involved?

Eden: I will be releasing a few more singles before the end of this year, it is likely that the first of the bunch will drop towards the end of September. The degree is a 3 year course, I have just completed my first year so have just the two left. Throughout we touch on many topics within the music industry including the more practical sides such as live performance, pre-production and artist development, as well as the theoretical aspects including music business, songwriting techniques, publishing, styles and genres etc. It’s really an in depth study into the music industry and what we should expect when we get there. There is also a lot of effort directed towards students networking and meeting the right people to help us out when in need. That’s definitely something I have learnt over the past year, to accept the help of anyone willing to give it as it makes the life of a songwriter/performer much easier to handle.

Claire: Absolutely Eden, I can totally understand where you’re coming from with regards to accepting help from those willing to give it. Your studies sound incredibly in depth. How are you managing to juggle your social life, studies and recording? Also where would you like to see yourself in 5 years from now?

Eden: I’m quite lucky really, BIMM is a social university in reality. There’s lots of events that go on around the live music scene with bands from university and around Brighton, which lots of my friends are involved with. This alongside open mics and the general night life/social scene of Brighton makes things a lot easier. Recording again is quite a sociable experience, I’ve been lucky to work with some great producers who I also get along with very well. Not only does that make me super comfortable within the recording process but it makes it good fun as we can do the hard work and then go out after and meet friends etc. It was a good friend of mine Roman Scott who produced Day to Day. We were already friends before we started working together which again was a really nice thing to be apart of. It made working together very easy and enjoyable. That alongside his great production ideas and ability really brought the track to life. In regards to studies, I often find myself working on projects or tasks for university with my good friends. It’s great because everyone I have become close to, all want similar things, which creates a great support system for each others careers and work. Where I see myself in 5 years time is a hard question. Within an industry which is constantly changing, it’s difficult to know always where you are going to fit in. Really the goal has always been to be able to support a happy lifestyle with my music, whether that is writing songs for other artists to record and perform or me performing them myself. We will have to wait and see. The absolute dream however would be to perform and release my own material. I absolutely love performing live, there isn’t a lot of things quite like it.

Claire: That was so refreshing to hear Eden. It’s music to my ears (unintentional pun) to know that you have an ultimate dream. Dreams are something I strongly believe everyone should have and therefore aspire to. It sounds like you’re living the dream now in Brighton, doing what you love with people you care about. I understand you come from a talented family? How much influence do you feel your friends and family have over your music, your career?

Eden: I really am loving life here. Yes I’m very thankful to have grown up with such a supportive family, particularly my parents. They would always support all of our random hobbies throughout all of our childhoods, whatever they might have been! I think that was what gave all of us kids the ability to find out what we loved and to eventually pursue it now in our adult lives. My sister has always been a massive inspiration for me, as a professional footballer she has overcome some really tough battles throughout her career and now I can see it has paid off massively which is really inspiring. My brother is also in the music industry, however he went down a more classical route which again had an influence on me as a child. It’s always good to have successful older siblings to look up to and learn important lessons from. But overall I’m very lucky to have had such a strong support system within my family. My friends (old and new) have also been super supportive of my music! It’s really nice to have a familiar face pop up with a nice comment about something you’re doing, especially if it’s been a while since we had last spoke. The new friends I’ve made in Brighton are great also as most of them are pursuing a similar path, this means that I’m constantly learning from everyone around me which is amazing. This is another reason why the move to Brighton has been essential in my growth as an artist, I’m constantly inspired by those around me and this drives me to try harder.

Claire: You seem so grounded Eden, it is evidently clear that you have a strong supportive network surrounding you. What advice would you give to others starting out in the music industry? Furthermore, who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Eden: I definitely do! My advice would be to just accept any opportunity that comes your way, to always accept help when it’s offered and lastly to be nice, kind and easy to work with. It’s that way that people will be willing to work with you again, and this is where important bonds and professional relationships are made. Really I’m still learning myself. When I first started writing I was really inspired by artists such as Daughter and London Grammar, it was this moody atmospheric writing which I took a lot from. Nowadays I find a lot of inspiration from young break out artists who are closer to where I am within my own career. This includes the people that I study and live with daily. My close friend Dan Fraser has had a big impact on my songwriting style and ability. Since meeting him he has pushed me to write more truthfully to my own life, which has really been a breakthrough for me. There’s something special about writing music which is true to yourself and your own life experiences. Really I take inspiration from a wide spectrum of artists, as I’m always listening to something different and thinking certain aspects are something I would like to recreate myself. There’s so much out there to learn from other people.

Claire: I have to say, I am in absolute awe. Your whole demeanor, your vibe is reassuringly genuine, unfortunately, this is not something you come across every day. You appear to have a clear vision and a good head on those shoulders. I am listening to you now and feel a strong sense of success both already achieved and to be achieved. You’re already rich in the best possible way: Great family and friends who support your journey. In addition to these riches, you love what you do and have fun doing it. Now I’m no fortune teller Eden, however I have to say that I’m overwhelmed with the feeling of success. I believe that we will be hearing a lot more from you and people will know your voice. You’re already a star! With that said, how about we make this interview a little more edgy, more fun, more you. I’ve no doubt that you will be doing this for real within the next 5 years so how about a speech? Lets say your sat at the Brits as a nominee for best newcomer ok?
And the winner is… Eden Farrow!

Eden: Honestly it’s so lovely to hear this, thank you so much! Haha, god I’ve never really thought about a speech before. All I know is if it came to it, I would be thanking an awful lot of people for their help, support and belief in me!

Claire: I’m sure that is what plenty of first time Brit speeches are like. I do believe we will witness this from you in the future. Eden, you have been an absolute pleasure to interview. I’m sure my readers will join me in wishing you every ounce of success for the future. I cannot wait to see how everything pans out for you. Best wishes also for your degree.

Eden: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, it’s been great fun answering your questions.

Eden’s new single Day to Day is out now on Spotify.

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