Netflix Film Like Father set on Royal Caribbeans’ Harmony Of The Seas



I don’t know about you but we are always on the look out for a good film, or even a new one that we’ve not seen before.  I am a complete sucker for watching films I like over and over again, instead of trying out a new ones.  Come to think of it, I am like this with my music too, I’m pretty sure that I mentioned this in my previous blog post; Interview with a rising star.  My point is, each year I try to come up with ways to better myself, I am only human therefore there are many ways!  Trying out new music, films, hobbies and food was just one of the ways.

Social Media Hype

Being one for push notifications, whilst recently holidaying in Spain, my phone started to continuously ping, vibrating its way from one end of a very long rectangular table to the other.  I was forced to jump out of the pool in our friends Villa, in order to save my phone from smashing into pieces on the ground.  It was worth the abrupt exit.  My body started to swelter in the blistering heat that Spain is currently experiencing, however I didn’t mind on this occasion for I was privy to some exciting news.  Not only was I being introduced to a brand new rom-com release on Netflix, I instantly spotted the films setting: None other than Royal Caribbeans mega cruise ship, Harmony Of The Seas!  It is only our family favorite ship to date.  Call me a ship geek, call me what you like, this had me overcome with excitement.



Like Father stars Kristen Bell, voice of Princess Anna in Frozen and lead actress in Forgetting Sarah Marshall; Kelsey Grammer, best known for his role in Cheers and Frasier and finally Seth Rogen; Bad Neighbors, Knocked Up and Funny People. The award winning cast surely showed that the film was likely to be good?  High expectations had already been set in our minds.

The films plot is based around a young, career focused executive who ends up being jilted at the altar on her wedding day.  She seeks drunken comfort in the unlikely arms of her estranged father, who initially she has no time for.  In a series of events she wakes up to find herself on board the magnificent mega ship, Royal Caribbeans, Harmony Of The Seas.

(N:B These photos are not my own).


Friday night has often been movie night in our house, whether that be a whole family movie, or a movie that is rated above a 12, just for us adults. What better way to spend Friday the 3rd August watching the brand new release of  a Netflix Original – Like Father?  My husband and I curled up on the sofa and hit play on the remote.

It was evident from the outset that the film was going to pull out some hilarious moments, especially given the casting. Whilst I found that some parts of the film were predictable, I did not expect the films flirting with real life, difficult situations and possible transitions.  This somewhat took me by surprise; I didn’t see it coming and this was not predictable at all.  I found parts of the film positively emotional, however it should be noted that I am a total soppy mare at the best of times and am undeniably happy when a film has a positive ending.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed the setting of the film of course.  Being keen, self confessed cruising addicts,  Harmony Of The Seas  is the perfect backdrop for the film.  Now I am sure you’re now thinking, well what about those of us who have never cruised?  I can honestly inform you that a few of my friends got in touch after watching this film and explained how great they thought the film was, regardless of the ship.  These are friends who have never been on a cruise. What I am attempting to say, I think, is that the film is good no matter.  For my husband and I however, it did make us feel nostalgic and took us right back to our time on board the phenomenal ship.  Seeing features like the passengers with their lanyards inclusive of their sea pass close to their chests, the food, the dining in the wonderful Wonderland specialty restaurant and watching Kelsey Grammer wipe out on Flowrider made me chuckle in a knowing kind of way.

For me personally, I can not think of a setting that would be more best placed to help sort an estranged relationship, a setting whereby you would be compelled to forget your woes, put down your phone and live for the moment.

Would we recommend watching Like Father?

Whilst we understand that every individual has a different perspective to our own, we would strongly recommend watching the Netflix Original – Like Father.  Overall it is an easy watch, allowing you just sit back an enjoy the film without too much thinking, the film offers that fabulous feel good factor and will almost certainly get you googling Royal Caribbean – Harmony Of The Seas.

If you have watched Like Father on Netflix, I’d love to know what you thought in the comments box.

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Forever grateful –  Claire. xx







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