ITV’s The Cruise, Scott Grayson reveals all about life onboard with Princess Cruises.

For those of you that love cruising, and I’m assuming you do, otherwise why else would you be visiting my blog? You’re in for a real treat, for I have been nosing around in the one and only – Scott Graysons daily life.

If you don’t know who Scott is then you should probably stop reading now. Call yourself a Cruise Addict? I think not…

ITV have been running The Cruise since 2016 and are currently airing the 4th series, not to be confused with the 1998 series featuring Jane Mcdonald or Cruising with Jane Mcdonald for that matter. One thing The Cruise and Cruising With Jane Mcdonald have in common is that they both feature, and are filmed on Princess Cruises cruise ships, which are are indeed fit for royalty.

So fellow cruise lovers and addicts without further delay, I have the pleasure in sharing with you my question and answer session with Scott Grayson – Hotel Services Engineer with Princess Cruises.

What did you do before working on a cruise ship?

Previously I was in the Royal Navy where I served on HMS Sutherland for 5 years. When I visited the United States for the first time, I was actually lowered from a helicopter into a French nuclear submarine whilst crossing the Atlantic Ocean as we were a part of anti-submarine warfare.

How long did you train to become a Hotel Services Engineer?

I did just under 6 years in the Royal Navy before I joined Princess Cruises and then I jumped straight in at the deep end.

What part of your training enabled you to be most equipped for your role?

Being an engineer in the Royal Navy allowed me to gain great experience in a wide spectrum of engineering which fitted well with the role I’m in now.

How long have you worked for Princess Cruises?

5 years now.

Why did you choose to work for Princess Cruises over other cruise lines?

It was after I left the Royal Navy. I got a call from Princess shortly before Christmas, asking to come for an interview and it all went from there. Originally I hadn’t intended on going back to sea but the job was that interesting that it lured me back!

Please can you tell us what your daily life onboard involves, hours of work etc?

It’s meetings for most of the morning, and planning what needs to be done throughout the day or week and then it really depends on if it’s a sea day or a port day. We’ll be working behind-the-scenes around the guests too as you need to keep on top of everything. We are kind of like tooth fairies. With a little bit of TLC everything runs like clockwork.

How do you spend your time off, whilst still at sea?

I’m a massive gym lover and while my role is a busy one onboard, when I do have time off in port I am a big fan of exploring. Recently I visited Hong Kong which was a tick in the box for me. I’m a massive foodie, so I was on the hunt for some Hong Kong Street food, even the rain didn’t stop me that day!

Do you ever, or have you ever suffered from motion sickness?

When I was in the navy on my first sea voyage I was very badly sea sick and since then I’ve never had it again (touch wood). You could say I learnt to master my sea legs very early on.

How do you find ways to manage being away from your wife and newborn?

2018 has been a crazy and fulfilling year, I got engaged, married and just became a father. It’s always hard been away from family and friends and it never gets easier, it’s something you just live with, but when you’re at home you make sure everyday with your loved ones count, so I’m grateful in a lot of ways.

What advice would you give to new recruits looking to work onboard?

Be patient and open minded, you’re going to be working with a lot of people from all over the world with different cultures and experiences.

What do you like most and least about your life onboard?

I would say the best thing about being onboard is the food, it’s awesome and free. The least thing I like is being away from family and friends, I wish I could take them all with me.

How did you feel when you were asked to take part in ITV’s The Cruise?

Around three years ago I had been on board Regal Princess for about three hours and was doing a handover with the Hotel Service Engineer who was on board at the time. I got called into the Hotel General Manager’s office while I was looking through the handover notes! I felt like a naughty schoolboy being called into the headmaster’s office! I didn’t even have time to ask him where his office was. I ended up finding it, walking in and everyone was on a conference call. I was handed a press release and someone asked me if I wanted to be on TV. Of course it was much easier being filmed this time round as I knew what to expect and instantly felt at ease with the cameras.

Besides Shiitake Mushrooms and Donald Ducked, what other hilarious phrases can you teach us? Let’s keep it PG Scott. (Insert wink emoji).

Oh I’ve got loads…bull spit, shut the front door etc!

Do you ever watch yourself back on TV and if so, how does it make you feel?

I’ve watched some of the episodes yeah. I’m always surprised that they manage to edit it where I don’t swear. I do blither on sometimes.

And here comes the classic – Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Geez.. 5 years time, hopefully we’ll have our second home built in Brazil for a few cheeky getaways and be settled somewhere in the UK.

The Cruise airs Thursday at 8.30pm on ITV.

About Princess Cruises:
One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises is a global premium cruise line and tour company operating a fleet of 17 modern cruise ships, carrying two million guests each year to more than 380 destinations around the globe, including the Caribbean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera, Europe, South America, Australia/New Zealand, the South Pacific, Hawaii, Asia, Canada/New England and World Cruises. Itineraries range in length from three to 111 days.

Three new Royal-class ships are currently on order with the next new ship, Sky Princess, under construction scheduled for delivery in October 2019. Princess recently announced that two new (LNG) ships which will be the largest ships in the Princess fleet, accommodating approximately 4,300 guests with expected delivery in 2023 and 2025. Princess now has five ships arriving over the next six years between 2019 & 2025. The company is part of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE:CUK).

I would like to thank Princess Cruises, Princess Cruises PR and of course Scott for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to be nosey!

As always, thank you to you for taking the time to read my blog and for your continued support.

Forever grateful – Claire Harris xx

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