Getting Wet With Shinesty

Being a Thalassophile (someone who loves the sea), I am always up for getting wet, so when Swimwear and Underwear Brand – Shinesty contacted me for a collaboration I dived right in at the chance of reviewing their gifted swimwear. My husband on the other hand was a little less enthusiastic, after all we are both 40 (something) and neither of us are your typical Instagram models. Nope, we are real life, unedited, unfiltered human beings!

Onboard a cruise ship

I’m not going to lie to you, we were both terrified when it came down to posing in our swimwear, however, we are both strong believers in keeping it real for both the current and future generation. We have 3 daughters who are all at an impressionable age, therefore to teach and guide them in the real word is an absolute must!

During our 2 week annual vacation in Orihuela Costa, Spain and in the comfort of our private villa, I adorned my aptly named pink scribbles two piece. The first thing I noticed was how comfortable and familiar the material felt on my skin, like Neoprene. My swimwear felt just like a wet suite, albeit a little tight fitting, the swimwear was incredibly comfortable. It is worth noting that I am a UK size 10, who can also squeeze my way into various size 8’s, however this swimwear was a large. It became evident immediately that the swimwear also acted like a wet suit, providing me with insulation and protection, and that isn’t the best thing about this swimwear. You all know that sopping, itchy, uncomfortable wet feeling you get in your usual swimwear, whereby you have to either get changed immediately or bake in the Mediterranean sun for an hour? Well there is none of that, my two piece was literally dry within minutes of stepping out of the water. For me, that is a clear winner!

Jamie was also kindly gifted some swim shorts – Stars and Distressed Flames. He instantly fell in love with the design and felt the sizing was pretty accurate for him. He has since worn his swimmers on a handful of occasions.

Overall, I would spend my money on Shinesty swimwear. Their designs are what I would call “out there” and suitable for many ages, in particular teens – 30’s. My two piece was one out of around 5 items that I would’ve chosen for myself and someone of my age. Whilst the sizing for me was a little off, the design, feel, look and durability of the swimwear outweighed this. I would highly recommend Shinesty Swimwear for any fellow Thalassophiles.

Onboard a cruise ship

Warning: Shinesty clothes may cause unexpected advances . Returns and exchanges are as free as America.

If you wish to get wet with Shinesty click to view their range.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Molly at Shinesty for this fantastic collaboration. I will be in touch soon with my order.

As always, thank you for your support and for taking the time to read my blog.

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Forever grateful – Claire Harris xx

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