Dreams Really Do Come True – World Of Cruising Wave Awards 2019.

Firstinitialsea is up for nomination Dream Recently I have been asked by family, friends, fellow bloggers and a PR agency the familiar question of "Where do you see yourself in two years time?" My response is always the same as I try to have a clear vision of my heading.  One of those headings was [...]

P&O Azura Day 1

Dreams. Friday the 27th April started as any other morning usually would of late, wet and cold.  Myself, my husband and the girls all rushing around like headless chickens in attempt to get ready for the day ahead; work, school, swimming, homework, the usual monotony, Oh - and a cruise! Embarkation. For those of you [...]

Here goes nothing…

So here I am finding my self blogging, I mean shit, I am actually blogging, after all the years of toying with the idea and finally taking the plunge, or perhaps I should re-phrase that to taking flight - who am I kidding, this is my site, something I actually own, therefore I am going [...]