OASIS OF THE SEAS TO MAKE BIG APPLE DEBUT FOR ROYAL CARIBBEAN'S 2020-21 DEPLOYMENT More ships set sail for Perfect Day at CocoCay in The Bahamas for thrill and chill adventures London, UK, 13th December 2018 – Royal Caribbean International is charting a new course with its 2020-21 deployment plans, touting a fleet of Royal Amplified ships sailing to [...]

Highs And Lows Of Being A Blogger

A collaborative blog. Hey all, its Claire, Co-founder and writer for firstinitialsea.  I've been super busy of late with end of term bits and pieces, family life and having conversations with a fellow, well established and experienced blogger - Travel Blogger Jamie.   We came to the decision that the conversations could actually prove to be [...]

Red Carpet worthy Bag

Travelling around the globe collecting memories is what we, the Harris family do best. Whether by plane, train, automobile or cruise ship. One thing that travelers everywhere have in common is that we all need some kind of luggage. Even the minimalists out there need something to carry their under-crackers in. Do you get frustrated [...]

P&O Azura Day 1

Dreams. Friday the 27th April started as any other morning usually would of late, wet and cold.  Myself, my husband and the girls all rushing around like headless chickens in attempt to get ready for the day ahead; work, school, swimming, homework, the usual monotony, Oh - and a cruise! Embarkation. For those of you [...]

In between day…

I once received training on positivity and how to turn negative thoughts around, this training focussed greatly on fixed mindsets. Monday was used as the perfect example of a fixed mindset. "Be grateful that you've woken to see another day," the room was told. Do not spend the entirety of Sunday thinking "Eurgh it's Monday [...]